Earn Referral Fees by Partnering with Our Team

Protect your future sales & earn referral commissions

How the Referral Program Works

01. Refer a Client to Us

Fill out the form on the bottom of this page to send a client to our team. We'll review the information promptly.

02. We Touch Base

A member of our team will call your client, answer any questions they have, and walk them through our sales process.

03. We Pay You

After your client signs a property management contract, we'll pay you 25% of the first month's rent as a referral fee.

Why Refer
Clients to Us?

Partnering with us comes with numerous benefits

Protect Your Sales Commissions

Referring a client to us doesn't mean you'll need to stop working with them on sales transactions. Instead, we'll handle their property management needs and send them back to you for sales down the road.

Cut Your Financial Risks

Improperly following tenant-law on leasing, fee handling, maintenance issues, turnover, etc. can open you up to legal liability & even having your real estate license placed in jeopardy. Leave leasing to the experts.

We'll Put it in Writing

We want you to feel secure & if requested, we will give you a signed copy of our referral agreement so that you have legal protection. We expect our clients and tenants to keep their agreements and we do the same with you.

We'll Make You Look Good

We believe in professionalism. We have a proven track record of pleasing our clients and you can feel safe that we will do our best to make us both look good.

We'll Pay You!

We will pay you 25% of 1 months rent, once we get a we get a new property signed up for full service property management. Lease-only sign ups get paid 10% of one months rent.

How Much Can You Make?

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Some Sample Numbers

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